Torres Américas 1905


Designed by Ten Arquitectos. A rectangular prism, abstract, covered by a metallic mesh that reacts to the presence of solar light and its changes, morphing its facade and shine during all 24 hours of the day. The mesh also works as a lattice: it is capable of controlling solar radiation, allow the flow of natural ventilation and give views of green and natural areas. At the same time it is and example of proper architectonic planning, as during certain hours of the day its volume can, magically, make it appear “to be floating in space”, and other times be less ethereal. Even when its collaboration with the city is quite close, the building is imposing, and it is viewed as a significant body, an urban landmark adorning the skyline scenery of the city of Guadalajara.

Year built



Ten Arquitectos


Av. Américas 1905 Col. Aldrete CP 44660 Guadalajara Jalisco



About the tower

Class: A
Floor plate: 436 m²
Minimum divisible: 218 m²
Availability: 1,744 m²
State upon delivery: Conditioned


FLOOR 3: 436 m2

FLOOR 5: 218 m2

FLOOR 6: 218 m2

FLOOR 9: 436 m2

FLOOR 10: 436 m2

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